Areas of Focus

Development Induced Displacement Issues, Sustaining and maintaining of Environmental Resources, Developing critical perspectives in Health, Education and Agricultural sectors, Urban and Rural governance issues, Impact analysis of various Developmental Schemes, To keep track on the transcending labour, employment and Industrial Relations scenario.


Development Induced Displacement Clinics, Welfare Schemes Impact Assessment Clinics, Environmental Resources Management Clinic


Critical Responses through Onsite visits and Reviews

Students of law cannot effectively persuade a successful career in law keeping them insulated from the world around, as their perspectives have to be largely shaped by the emerging surroundings and also in deciphering how the system responds to such situations. In the areas of focus discerned by the Centre, in-house comprehension of the topics and situations would seldom suffice and it has to be necessarily complemented by onsite studies and analyses. This is particularly important because an auditing of efficacy of governance demand a probe at the implementing levels and the prevailing realistic scenario has to be understood. Hence Student Critical Response teams to effect reconnaissance at the levels of execution could give large value addition to their levels of understanding and also to meaningfully intervene in situations which demand such responses.

Audio Visual

For a realistic, meaningful and effective understanding of the issues requiring interventions by the student community, the same has to be lucidly and clearly brought out for discussion. The students have to be sensitized on the issues and the most effective tool for the same is audio visual contents which can make a deep imprint on them. In line with this thinking the Centre aims to create a formidable archives of audio visual contents archive and to regularly screen documentaries and films to instill warmth and sympathy towards the lesser fortunate in the society, besides identifying the areas of intervention and the modes for the same.